Wilmington Trust is now in the online banking business with their new division,
WTDirect. One of the advantages of online banks is their ability to give very
attractive interest rates on both savings and checking accounts. This accounts
for online banking's rise in popularity. Having a long history of innovative
banking practices, Wilmington Trust founded WTDirect in 2006 to provide
online banking customers with an alternative that had the backing of a leading
financial institution, and position themselves as leaders in this rapidly growing

What does WTDirect do for its customers as an online bank? As with some of
their main competitors, INGDirect and E*Trade Bank, one of their key
advantages over traditional banks is low overhead and high interest rates on
their savings accounts.

WTDirect Company Facts

Official Company Banking Website:

Year Founded:
WTDirect founded in 2006, Wilmington Trust founded in 1901.

Ted T. Cecala

Wilmington Trust Corporate Office Location:
1100 North Market Street
Wilmington, Delaware 19890

WTDirect Mailing Address:
WTDirect Correspondence
PO Box 8895
Wilmington, DE 19899-8895

Stock Market Trading Symbol:

2007 Net Income (millions):

Number of Employees (Mar, 2008)

FDIC Insured:

Local Branches:

Banking Services and Features Offered:
High-Yield Savings accounts, High Yield CDs, Quick Account Transfers
between WTDirect accounts or to/from outside accounts,  free online bill pay
automatic balance and payment alerts, very high transfer limits (Up to
$500,000 per transaction in and $200,000 out), no minimum balance fees, no
transfer fees.

Minimum Balance Required in Savings Account:
$10,000 minimum balance required for high yield savings account (Current
Interest rate on savings account is 1.76% - as of 3/31/2009)

Minimum Balance Required in Checking Account:
No minimum for standard checking account

Deposit Methods Accepted:
conventional check through the mail, electronic transfer between accounts
(WTDirect or other institutions)

WTDirect's parent company, Wilmington Trust, was chosen by the War
Department as the issuing agent for the war bonds used to help finance WW2.
WT has provided financing to such leading companies as CocaCola and Sears
Roebuck Corp. One of the first banks in the world to introduce Pay-By-Phone,
when they rolled out the feature in 1974. WTDirect has a very complete TOS
and FAQ section on their website here.

WTDirect Bank's User Comments and feedback from around the

" I've banked with Wilmington Trust for the last 18 years" - Fatwallet user forum

"They are SLOW. EmigrantDirect is *MUCH, MUCH* faster, but they slash rates
well before WT Direct.... " - eMoneyCentral user forum

"Opening the account and all was easy. No more difficult than anywhere......" -
eMoneyCentral user forum

"Had a great experience and felt very safe with WTDirect, looks like my cash is
moving back....." - Fatwallet.com user forum

"Well, the WTDirect verify deposits appeared in one day. I'm still waiting for
GMAC....." - FatWallet.com user forum

This online bank is recommended for customers that carry consistently high
balance in their savings account. This bank pays high rates and are profitable,
which is very nice if you have deposits there, and not easy to do for many
banks in the current credit market. To find out more about WTDirect, such as
how you can earn high interest rates from an online bank that consistently
leads its competitors in customer service scores -
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