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If you want to compare online high yield savings accounts, or find the best
online bank, you've come to the right place. Online, high yield savings and
checking accounts have been growing in popularity since bank customers
figured out that they shouldn't have to pay for the infrastructure and
overhead of a traditional bank.

If you want to open a bank account online, you're not alone. The largest
online bank, ING Direct has over 6.5 million customers in the U.S. alone.
You'll want to find the best online bank, and that means different things for
different people. For most consumers, having an Internet bank account
means saving money and earning high interest on their savings and

For many customers interacting with the bank online is fine because they
would rather do this than go into a banking branch anyway. However some  
online banks actually have local branches. Others do not, but many banking
customers have found they do not need or want them, since they use the
Internet exclusively when banking.

Here you can compare leading online banks in order to find the best online
bank for your specific needs. Everyone's banking requirements are different,
and there's no "one size fits all"  online banking solution. Some people may
need both high yield checking and savings accounts, while others may be
looking only for a high interest online savings account.

If you just want a place to park your emergency funds, while earning the
maximum possible interest rates, a savings account is all you want. Other
people however, may want the flexibility of having a checking account that
actually earns them a meaningful return on their deposits, but lets them pay
bills or write checks for other reasons. Some people may need an Internet
bank account for both purposes.

If you want to open a bank account online, here you'll find information from
the leading online banks that will help you find the best online bank for your
ING Direct
E*Trade Bank
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