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Having excellent credit is more important than ever. Thanks to the problems in the
world wide credit industry credit card issuers and other lenders are rewriting the rules
that they've used for years to decide who gets a credit card or loan, and how much
they're going to pay for the privilege. If you have a bad credit score you're chances of
getting a credit card a re slim, and if you do get one, chances are the interest rate will
be exorbitant.

That being said times have never been better for those borrowers with excellent credit.
You're now being courted by the credit card companies due to your proven financial
strength and responsibility. That puts you in the catbird seat. Lenders are willing to do
all manner of things to incentivize you to use their credit cards, but only if you have
excellent credit.

They are even introducing new credit cards exclusively for people with excellent
credit. In the past there was the American Express Gold Card, but rapidly that gave
way to the platinum card. Now, however it seems that many people can get such
cards, leaving banks with only one alternative; black cards. First introduced by
American Express for well heeled creditors, the American Express black card has
dizzying requirements, such as spending requirements over $200,000 for some card

With the requirements come some extreme benefits, such as exclusive rewards and
services that just aren't available to those with lesser credit scores and incomes. Not
wanting to be outdone, Visa recently announced a Black Card of their own. Visa's is  
named, appropriately enough, the VISA Black Card. It is open ton only the top 1% of
residents in the U.S., as measured by credit worthiness.

It demonstrates how credit card issuers are targeting a group of consumers who are
unlikely to default on their payments, but value the convenience of extra and exclusive
services. They are willing to pay for the high limits, extra services and exclusivity
offered by these new cards. Some even offer exclusive rewards of upper end brand
name merchandise and services, such as trips.

For example, the Visa Black Card has a 24 hour concierge service available to card
members anywhere in the world. Targeted at the frequent traveler who can realize the
benefit of such services, it offers that extra bit of assistance one often needs when
they are in a new location and have to get things done.

Another example of the innovation offered by these exclusive cards is the Black Card
holders ability to receive points they can redeem for anytime air travel. Unlike some of
the restrictive policies offered by more pedestrian cards, card holders need not worry
about being able to use their points when and where they would like.

Another benefit travelers will certainly appreciate is the admission to exclusive lounges.
A welcome respite from hectic airports, these enclaves allow you to relax with the
finest wines, large screen HDTVs, and fine menu items. There are over 500 such
lounges strategically located in 90 countries throughout the world, all but guaranteeing
you'll find one when you want to.

This shows the lengths American Express and Visa are going to in an effort to get the
business of the more credit worthy. They realize that with the majority of Americans
dropping deeper into debt, they need to really reach out and go the extra mile for those
clients that they won't have to worry about each month. If you're one of those people,
you should take a look at what these new cards have to offer.

Click below to find out what these cards can do for you. will work
hard to get you the best possible card.
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