Credit for Small Business Owners -
Your business's credit is one of the keys to success. Having a good mix of credit types gives your
business the flexibility to take advantage of special programs, vendor quantity discounts, quickly ramp
up production for special orders from your customers, and add seasonal staffing. A good mix of different
kinds of credit will enable your business to optimize cash flow, and position itself for maximum success.

Unsecured Loans
One type of business credit to examine if your credit is good is an unsecured loan. There interest rates
are typically as good or better than credit card interest rates, and there are virtually no restrictions on
how you can use the money. One way to ensure that you are getting a favorable interest rate is to use
a firm that specializes in loans to those with good credit only. That way you avoid subsidizing the loans
other firms underwrite for those borrowers with marginal credit.

Small Business Credit Cards
Business credit cards are a crucial part of this credit mix. They allow streamlining of accounting and
accounts payable by enabling multiple vendors to be paid from a single account and delivering a detailed
statement for easy expense tracking. In addition, a small business credit card gives your business the
flexibility to allow key employees to purchase needed items without requisitioning a check from
accounting. Getting a business credit card is a vital step for most businesses.

Business travel is virtually impossible without a credit card. Finding the right card can actually secure you
discounts on business travel, special insurance, and pay rewards that you as a business owner can use.
Many vendors accept credit cards and tracking travel expenses such as fuel, airfare and hotel expenses
will be dramatically simplified, saving you money and enabling you to keep a handle on your costs.

The key is finding a credit card with an attractive interest rate, low or no fees and pays rewards that you
can use. It's possible to get card rewards that can be used for future travel, vehicle purchases and other
business expenses. This will drive down your business's expenses and increase profitability.

Below are some select credit card offers that will help your small business achieve its goals. These special
credit card offers are selected for their ability to work as a partner with you and your business to meet
your goals. They represent the finest in business credit card issuers, such as Chase, American Express,
Advanta, and U.S. Bank. You can get obtain American Express, Master Card or Visa cards, depending
upon your specific business situation.

Card application is as easy as a click of your mouse, and response can be as fast as 30 seconds. has a special credit card search engine that can compare up to the minute credit offers
from up to 120 different credit card issuers. These offers constantly change, depending upon the
interest rate, overall financial climate, and the business environment for the individual bank. It would be
virtually impossible to find the best rate for any one business  without the automation afforded by the
Internet that lets the myriad of factors be considered in real time.

That's why, one of the oldest credit search firms on the web, has been so successful
with their database driven, credit card matching service. Without such a service, that can examine
dozens of factors with the click of a mouse, you would not be able to be sure you really getting the best
rate and terms for your credit card.

To have Credit find the best credit card for your small business right now, simply click below:
Small Business Credit Offers
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Small Business Credit Offers
Select Business Credit Card Offers to Help Your Small Business Grow
Select Small Business Credit Card Offers
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Business Credit Cards for Poor or Bad Credit
Even if your business credit has experienced a few
problems, you can likely still get these business credit cards
New Millennium Bank Secured Platinum Business Card
You can still get a Platinum card. New Millennium Bank can
approve you for up to $10,000** in secured credit regardless of
your income or credit history. You can even choose a Visa or
* Reports to ALL 3 Bureaus - This is important to help raise your
FICO credit score
* No Credit Check
* Be Approved Regardless of Credit History
* Special High Introductory Savings Rate
* Bonus $3,000 credit line with My Computer Club

Apply Now!

* Terms and conditions apply
New Millennium Bank Secured Platinum
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* 5% to 20% Cashback Bonus at top retailers through our exclusive
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* Up to 1% Cashback Bonus on all other purchases automatically
* Unlimited cash rewards
* Increase, even double, your rewards when you redeem for gift
cards from our 100 Cashback Bonus Partners
* 0% Intro APR for 6 months on Purchases, and up to 6 months on
Balance Transfers*

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